Why Notion is the app to use in 2022


Stay Productive in the New Year

From meetings and projects to bullet journals and grocery lists, Notion does it all. Notion.so is a one-stop-shop to getting things organized and staying productive in 2019. It’s a way to streamline organizing and creating everything that you need to, while keeping things in one place.

To be frank, there isn’t much that Notion.so can’t do. That’s because the team over at Notion knows the importance of having a versatile tool where users can create, collaborate, and stay in touch. It doesn’t limit itself to a single purpose.

Notion Keeps Everything You Need in One Place

Notion takes all of the tools needed to create a productive workplace and puts them into one accessible platform. That’s one of the reasons that Notion so feature-rich. It allows you to create pretty much anything that you need.

To make sure that every feature is easy to use and that collaboration is effortless Notion keeps its interface simple. Create pages at the tap of a button and move seamlessly between the app on your mobile phone to the one on your desktop.

Notion.so works on most platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, and the web. It syncs across devices with ease and removes the usual technical issues that abound when it comes to efficient collaboration.


What Notion Can Do For You


The uses are pretty much endless. That’s not an exaggeration. Meld your personal and work life into one place that’s easily accessible through the app’s dashboard. Create tables, pages, lists, calendars, and boards all in a single app.

Notion provides new users with templates that help to show off some of Notion’s more notable features. These include the ability to add media to your pages, create a personalized dashboard, and even write using code.

Stop by Notion Pages to get an idea of just how unique every feature of the app is. Users can share their templates for creating anything from a personalized bookshelf to public roundups of their companies. They do so by utilizing Notion’s four major tools:

  • Notes and Docs
  • Knowledge Base
  • Tasks and Projects
  • Spreadsheets and Databases

Notion Notes and Docs

This feature is loaded. With over 30+ types of media supported Notion Notes shines. Add audio, videos, images, and files to notes alongside text for a quick and effective note-taking. Share notes with others or keep them curated for yourself. Either way, Notion is a great replacement for Evernote or Google Docs.

Notion Knowledge Base

Information overload is pretty common today. There is so much of it out there. Notion wants to help its users put that knowledge to good use and keep it all organized. With Notion Knowledge Base users can create a custom database supporting several types of media that makes it easier to consolidate information into one place.

Notion Tasks and Projects

Notion makes tasks functional by shifting them into a space where things can actually get done. Assign tasks and manage projects in a few clicks of a mouse. Users can enable desktop notifications for tasks to help them keep on top of the work that needs to be done.


Notion Spreadsheets and Databases

With an uncluttered user interface and the ability to collaborate in real-time, Notion Spreadsheets and Databases make keeping things organized and recorded a painless experience. Organization is the key to productivity and Notion knows that.


Anyone who is sick of the same old thing when it comes to productivity and organization platforms should give Notion.so a try. It is full of tons of valuable features that will make daily life and work just that much easier. Plus it’s free! Make this your year of productivity with Notion. Check out Notion.so to learn more about how Notion can help to improve productivity and collaboration today!

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